Paris: Pre-Wedding Self-Care Rituals

June 7, 2019

Wedding planing can be stressful, today let’s talk about self-care ritual as it relates to your wedding day in Paris.

There’s very little information about how to cope with stress as it relates to one of the most joyful (yet also stressful) days of your life.

Self-care is very important to me and I think that taking care of our wellness, with a mix of internal and external choices can work wonders on creating more joy and less stress in our lives.

If I’m totally honest with you guys, over the years I’ve seen that most planner just care about things looking pretty and not about the way you feel. I care about both.

But… I obviously think the first rule (that I am partial to) is to get a great wedding planner!



A wedding planner really helps you to focus on your priorities. She or he will take a lot of the decision-making process off of the table and is also able to see things from the macro and micro perspective with experience. Leaving you to enjoy the process and then ease into having a wonderful day.


Rituals have been used for centuries by every single culture when it comes to women taking care of ourselves and especially when it comes to the ritual of love and celebrating life.

Getting married so far from home and even starting the planning process as a destination bride can be so daunting. Because I also work within the wellness industry, I wanted to create something that’s going to be of value to all my couples and is especially women who are going to be getting married here in France.

Some of the ways that you can manage stress leading up to your wedding:

Move your body: WALK, CYCLE, YOGA…

If you’re not a big exercise person, stay slow… try doing something as easy as taking scheduled walks every day for a few days. Or try going for a bicycle ride.

One of the things that I like to suggest is to create a very simple yoga practice or go to a yoga studio here in Paris like ICI Self Care which is really about working with the feminine energy.


Address : 44 Rue des Acacias, 75017 Paris

Téléphone : 07 69 18 64 97

I could also suggest yoga teachers that will come to your hotel or apartment the days leading up to or on the day of your wedding or elopement.

Clean Skin Care: Natural or organic products that do no harm…

Vogue Paris

One of the biggest stresses about your wedding days that you might feel subconscious about your skin your weight and that’s all totally normal however something that I like to suggest to my brides is to create a schedule where you’re getting enough sleep and you’re really taking extra good care of your skin and that actually starts from within with gut health…

and that leads us to our next point.

Fave French skin care and beauty list, can be seen here

Juicing and Gut Health

getty image

Juicing is one of the best ways that we can take care of her skin because it’s actually repairing our internal system and helping our skin to be clear and reduces puffiness.  

Gratitude Practice: Meditation and Sage Smudging

Photo Elizabeth Messina

The easiest way to practice gratitude is to have a gratitude journal.

we’ve created a meditation kit specifically for our destinations couples and it’s a chakra travel meditation kit that comes complete with a fresh bouquet to lighten up your hotel room or Airbnb.

Included: French Lavender Sage Smudge, Gratitude Journal, Travel Chakra Kit (stones and chakra cards). The cards are great to guide you into being more peaceful within your body for your wedding day.

And the last thing I can’t stress enough of is really having a great wedding (wellness) planner. I’m also a trip planner’s so we take the additional stress of having to think about “what do I do before and after the wedding ” off your plate!

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So if you’d like to book your intimate wedding in Paris or if you’re thinking of a couple the only elopement don’t hesitate we can set up a call with one of our planners or with Yanique.

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