Wellness Wednesday: wedding during mercury retrograde tips

March 20, 2019
wedding during mercury retrograde paris tips

So you’ve gotten more interested in the moon and the stars, you’ve probably had your birth chart read or had a compatibility match done with your significant other, then you learned about Mercury retrograde and how this whopper of a communications breakdown happens about 3 to 4 times per year. And all thing organizational, communication and travel – kind of go well …haywire.

Well I’m here to tell you that Mercury Retrograde can have it’s positive if you go with the flow and that you don’t have to worry too much if you plan to wed during this period.

It’s a time to :

Notice recurring themes and tidy up old messes!
Most of us have done things that are unresolved and messy. Now’s the time to tidy them up and fix them.
This means tidying up our relationships, work, business, finances and of course, our homes.
What patterns and themes keep coming up over and over again for you to look at?
Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to slow down and face yourself and your life.


Not to worry – I’m not advocating to cancel your wedding if it falls in this Mercury retrograde period. Life goes on after all, and the point of a retrograde that I want you to always remember, wedding bells or not – is that this is a time to focus on the RE: review, refresh, refocus and renew. 

It’s typically the time when we must access all the items in our life that keep repeating itself that we’d like to get rid of or finish off. So getting married may be the last step to this season in your life of finishing the initial steps of planning or disruptive cycles.

How exciting is that?!

To take extra precautions – it must be said that you should plan for the most magical day but expect the unexpected in terms of communication problems.

Get a “can-do” attitude wedding planner that can keep everyone calm and happy no matter the circumstances – because there will be instances of people running late or lots of communication problems.

One thing that is often overlooked in the wedding planning process is the toll it can take on the couple-ship. During the planning stages, you get so stressed out about seating, cake flavors and having the right flowers that even date night goes out the window!

Take a pre-wedding vacation

If you can – or a spay day together, something that will bring you two closer again intimately but also make you relax.

Check in with your significant other – really!

Take the time to be honest, if you’re stressed say it and try to not focus on the stress but the joy you’d like to feel and make a way to get around the stress or focus on something that brings joy through the stress.  


Move your body. If you’re not into crazy workouts – make a point to go for daily long walks or do some yoga.  


Even if it’s for 10 mins a day. I suggest that my brides use the Calm.com app. If you’ve tried meditating and hate it ( I suggest doing something you love so much that you can get lost in the process of it)

Ask for help

You have your bridesmaids, best friends, mom or even your planner. No one expects you to have it all together, and if they do that’s their problem – just try to accept that you cannot and should not do everything yourself.

Turn your bachelorette party in a wellness retreat

I’ve planned wellness retreats here in France with groups of 5 to 10 women who are all friends and family and it’s amazing because there is this level of intimacy, care, and fun that is heightened.

Because transportation is often affected in a mercury retrograde – try to have your guests stay close to the venue or send a detailed itinerary of how to get to the venue and also to the reception location via various methods, metro, uber or if they are driving themselves.
(your planner should have her/ his timesheet with numbers of everyone and will be checking on their whereabouts all throughout the day.)


In addition to wedding planning – our head planner Yanique is a Spiritual and self-care specialist and will help you find the best dates to get married. email us elopeinparis (at) gmail.com


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